Ring Light Test

Ring Light Test

I have recently been shooting some timelapse cut ins for The Mercury Cycle, and I have been using some standard florescent clip lights for key and fill. When I was at home depot I picked up an interesting looking small circular floreccent light. I figured it could work as a great soft light for my timelapses, in addition to the standard florcent bulbs I had.

For a while now I have been itching to use a real professional ring light for some of my shoots. Unfortunatly they are very expensive and I lack the funds to rent one. I was also thinking about buying a RayFlash but thats for another post.

With all this in mind I looked at the florescent ring bulb I had and figured I would try and use it as a makeshift ring flash (minus the flash:)

Turns out it works pretty well. Now keep in mind this is like a 2 min setup and the rig I made up was quite makeshift. Additionally the light output of the light was a bit dim for my taste. With all that in mind I think it looks pretty good. If you are thinking of experimenting with the great soft glow of a ring light try this cheap alternative out!

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