DIY Light Rig

DIY Light Rig

Coming off of my (quick) but successful DIY ring light test a few months ago, I wanted to explore the use of hardware store bought lights even more. I have been throwing around an idea for a band shoot coming up, and I wanted to test the idea out with my cheapo lights. The final shoot will be shot entirely with strobes, but this experimentation gave me a good idea of what it might look like, and in the process I was surprised with how well the test lights worked out.

I think the shots came out exceptionally well, especially considering that it was a 5min setup with two $10 lights from the hardware store. All I used were simple clip on lights, with built in parabolic reflectors, and I threw a 100 watt florescent bulb in each of them. It makes for some great contrasting harsh light. I did a little processing in Lightroom to give it a harsher look and feel, but in the end its all about the light that you start with.

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  1. look fabulous!!

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