As I continue on my quest to try and familiarize myself with (and eventually master) off camera strobes, I have been shooting as much as I can lately. Here is a fun shoot I recently did with my certified test model Rob.

This is one is my favorite, and is a clear nod to ZArias and his clever use of negative space.

This last one is just for fun, to show one of the set-ups.

I decided to go with black and white this time because I thought it lent itself very well to the simple shots I took. This shoot wasn’t really doing it for me in color, but black and white added so much, and gave it some character. This shoot was primarily done in a decently lit pool house. I used a plain wall and the inverse square law to throw my background out of exposure. Its a tricky technique with limited space and equipment, but I’m starting to grasp it.

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  1. Hey cody, nice work man. Beautiful shots.

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